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Inside Fictions is currently accepting submissions for new content that may appear as an episode on our flagship podcast. Become a Conduit today!

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We are looking for talented fiction writers to submit < 1000 short stories that explore strange, new worlds.

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Not only will the stories that we select end up on Inside Fictions, we are also paying our writers a professional rate of $0.06 USD per word.

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For writers who create stories that do well with our listenership, we also offer opportunities to expand their worlds with follow on pieces and bonus materials.

Submissions Guidelines


Inside Fictions seeks to explore a vast and expanding multiverse through stories. As a podcast, we focus on short, punchy character or world driven pieces that are “ready for reading.”

We are interested in reading snapshots of worlds with different rules than our own, and exploring how those rules affect the lives of the people and institutions within them.

These don’t necessarily need to be visions of the future. The multiverse is vast, and time doesn’t work exactly the same way everwhere. Every era can be turned on its head, and we’re interested in it all. 

More pragmatically, while we generally prefer fantasy, science fiction, or horror — we are open to any story that gets us thinking differently about what’s possible.

Pro Tip: We REALLY LOVE stories that can be expanded on in the future. Ocassionally, we request follow ups, and stories that are well suited for expansion tend to pique our interest.


Story Themes


The worlds in this multiverse can be broken up into three broad categories:

Red  – Lean strongly towards dystopia.
Gold – Lean strongly towards utopia.
Blue – Somewhere in the middle.

We are generally looking for stories that fall either at the Red or Gold ends of the spectrum. What “utopia” and “dystopia” mean is left to the author.

We want stories that help our listeners expand their perspective on what’s possible, for better or for worse.




We generally want stories of 1,000 words or less. If your story is much longer than this, please contact us before submitting.




We pay a professional rate of $0.06 USD per word for stories we accept.


Authors Rights


Inside Fictions holds first serial publication rights for three months after publication. Our authors agree not to publish, or permit the publication of, any part of the material for three months following Inside Fictions first publication.




Please submit your completed story to

While we try to respond promptly, depending on the volume of submissions, we are not always able. If you do not hear anything from us in three weeks, please reach out.


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