Case #: WIC-2514MX


This morning I found a hatchet, wrapped in a length of sheep’s intestines and surrounded by Nordic rune bones. It was buried in my desk. The hatchet itself was lovely — iron and wood bound in sinew — and the intestines were still warm, which was a nice touch…

Cathryn, Desk Manager at the Hotel Midnight


4MX (Class 4 Magical/Transcendental)



Persons of Interest


Places of Note

The Hotel Midnight

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What We Know So Far


With the world of “Relics,” we have been very lucky. We stumbled upon Cathryn’s journals early, and as a result have been able to piece together a rather clear view of the basic structure of society. Less fortunately, we are beginning to realize that this view might be more myopic than we orginally thought.

While The Midnight, the hotel itself, is obviously one of the major pivots on which the rest of the world swings — we believe that Cathryn’s ability to describe her position within it is limited at best.

Our first clue came when we discovered The Book of Whispers, which barely mentions The Midnight, but does describe a world filled with magical beings, and at least two factions of Transcendentals — who may or may not be at war. As interesting is the “storage closet,” which is almost certainly a Transdimensional Doorway, and where there are Doors, especially ones so easily opened, there is the potential for Walkers.

We have started to recieve Fragments from outside of The Midnight, which may help us expand our view beyond the hotel’s walls.

Hopefully, these will give a sense of whether there is more to worry about here than Cathryn’s desk. -L

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