Case #: WIC-5733M

Casual Magics

"Eventually, magic makes monsters of us all."

Meryl Lockhart, Bonded Mage of the Second Circle, The Weisz Institute, Battle Mage Under The Serpants Fang, from her Interview for the podcast "First Gen."


3M (Class 3 Magical)



Persons of Interest


Places of Note

The Weisz Institute


The Weisz Institute

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What We Know So Far


We know very little about this world, which is unfortunate, because not only do they have access to “magic,” but we suspect they can move through Doors as well. Their thaumaturgic abilities manifest in fairly conventional ways — elemental control, psionics — the usual reality hacking.

We estimate their proficiency to be between Class 2 and 3, while they are aware of the existence of the multiverse, they do not have full access to it. They have reconciled this deficiency through a pseudo-religious framework based around the idea of “The Wandering Spring,” which we still know almost nothing about.

Fortunately, they’re as pedantic as we are. They have this whole series of annoyingly pompous Universities devoted to their “craft.” One in particular has caught our attention — The Weisz Institute. Fragments keep trickling in from the place, but we haven’t been able to pin down why. We sent one off for dissemination through The Conduits a little while ago, which I’ve linked below.

We do not believe The Walker has made contact, but given the amount of “leakage” we’re seeing — I’m concerned enough to keep digging. More soon. –L

Associated Fragments

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