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Our podcasts tell unique, serialized and anthology stories set in different worlds across the same multiverse. It’s all connected, and it’s up to you to discover how.

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Podcasts are just the beginning. Visit our world pages to learn more about the characters, their histories, and begin unraveling the secrets of the multiverse.

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Our Latest Podcasts

The Gods Isle

There are Seven Kingdoms across Five Seas, places of magic and treachery, heroes and scholars — watched over by a host of reluctant gods — and ravaged by their former masters. Somewhere on a lost Continent, an ancient adversary stirs.


The Hotel Midnight sits at the edge of everywhere and nowhere. Within its walls live monsters of all descriptions, hidden from a world mired in chaos, and protected by a desk manager known only as “Cathryn.” Outside of these walls, the Relics have begun to sing.

Casual Magics

This is the home of the Weisz Institute, the premiere school for graduate and post-graduate magical education. Its students are smug, egotistical and venal, but they may also be the only bulwark against the encroaching darkness. Astra inclinant sed non obligant.

Who We Are

Inside Fictions is written and produced by Steve Spalding, along with a group of incredibly talented voice actors, artists, sound designers, composers and other wonderfully creative people. Learn a little more about them here.

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We create immersive stories across a variety of mediums, set in a universe of interconnected  worlds filled with mad gods and dragons, super heroes and super spies. We want to build new and exciting places for you imagination to live.

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